General Enquiries

Go.Explore is a travel platform which promotes and sells Purposeful Travel Experiences.

Go.Explore is an eCommerce platform which promotes and sells Purposeful Travel Experiences.

You can browse an array of Purposeful Travel Experiences, view photos, watch videos, read travel related news and articles, subscribe to the Explorer Newsletter and most importantly – find, book and pay for your holiday experiences.

Go.Explore defines a Purposeful Travel Experience as an experience which enables someone to learn, grow and develop on their journey around the world. We are focused on ensuring that travelers gain physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional skills and ultimately discover their true selves through the experiences.

Go.Explore promotes and sells 6 categories of purposeful experiences – Social Development, Natural Immersion, Personal Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Conscious and Skill Set. These categories may have various sub-categories within.

Experience Providers

Go.Explore is a booking and payment platform which connects Explorers to experience providers. Go.Explore assists experience providers in advertising their experiences, coordinating bookings and collecting payments. However, the responsibility of conducting the experience lies entirely with the experience provider. Go.Explore has no physical involvement in the running of any experiences which we sell.

Go.Explore vets every experience provider that is listed on our platform in order to ensure that they are reliable, credible and will do their utmost to provide high quality experiences to our Explorers. We assess all elements of our experience providers offering before listing them on our platform, We then enter into contractual agreements in order to ensure that the quality of the experience is upheld.

Go.Explore screens every experience provider before listing them on our platform. We verify their identity and check their organisations credentials. We thoroughly assess the itineraries and trip details in order to ensure that the experience is as safe as possible. We consistently encourage Explorers to upload reviews in order to create an increased sense of trust on the platform.

Both Go.Explore and the experience providers Terms and Conditions have to be agreed to prior to the confirmation of any booking. Go.Explores Terms and Conditions are held for the entirety of the booking and payment process. The customer is subjected to the experience providers Terms and Conditions from the moment the deposit is made. Go.Explore is a booking platform and we therefor do not take any responsibility for any elements of the process which do not involve the booking and payment of the experience.

Booking and Payment Process

Select your desired experience. Make a booking enquiry by proceeding through the online check-out or by emailing us at We will then confirm the availability of your specific dates with our experience provider. Once the availability has been confirmed, we will contact you and request that you send through certain information and pay a 30% deposit in order to confirm the booking. 

Go.Explore is currently only accepting Direct Bank Transfers (EFT). However, we will begin accepting Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club) in the very near future.

Go.Explore requires a 30% deposit in order to confirm the booking. The remaining 70% balance then needs to be paid 6 – 10 weeks prior to the departure date. This time period is dependent on the specific experience.

Go.Explore will email your booking confirmation details and ticket (where applicable) as soon as your required documents and deposit has been received. 

Go.Explore requires full payment to be made 6 – 10 weeks (experience dependent) prior to your departure date in order to pay the experience provider in full. The experience provider needs the complete payment in order to fulfill the package and secure its price.

Go.Explore does not provide travel insurance with any of the experiences sold. However, some of the experiences do require it. We would highly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package that includes emergency evacuation, repatriation coverage and cancellation coverage.

Cancellation Process

To cancel a booking please email This booking will be subject to the specific experiences cancellation policy.

Go.Explore does not have its own cancellation and refund policy. All cancellations and refunds will be subject to the experience providers policy and these are dependent on the specific experience.

Additional Questions

Please feel free to ask any further questions by contacting us on or by clicking on – contact Go.Explore.