SOUTH AFRICA - Venda Sacred Walk

Connecting wilderness to psyche and psyche to wilderness. An unsanitised experience that nourishes mind, body and soul in a deeply immersive way. This trip is about experiencing Venda life as it is. We will eat and sleep the way the local people do in 5 different vilalges. We will hike through the subtropical and remote mountains which provide spectacular scenery.

Duration: 7 Days (6 Nights)

Location: Limpopo Province, South Africa


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Experience Highlights:

  • Sacred Lake Fundudzi.
  • Spiritual Thathe Vondo Forest.
  • Unreserved hospitality of the Venda people, who share their homes, food and cultural heritage with us.
  • The topography of the area, and its rich spirituality, culture, and musical heritage are truly inspiring.
  • The walk is a rich, immersive and unsanitised pilgrimage that touches deeply the lives of those that participate in it.
  • The walk is facilitated by Professional Coaches and Registered Psychologists.


Please see a detailed itinerary below:

  • Sunday. Meet JHB (ORTIA) Airport. Travel to Mukambani. This village is high up in the Soutpansberg Mountains. Our campsite is close to King Kennedy Tshivase’s royal homestead. We stay here in relative comfort – in a traditional hut with beds, linen and an en suite bathroom. Catering is provided by a community project started in 2003 by Soza, (the then camp manager), and myself.
  • Monday. Walk to the village of Makwarani, where we stay overnight- about 10 km. That night we experience traditional Venda music and dancing. We then walk to Tshatshingo Potholes, a couple of kilometers away, where we enjoy and explore this astounding natural phenomenon.
  • Tuesday. W We walk to the village of Tshidzivhe, where we spend the night. Chief Netshidzivhe, the headman, is the guardian of the Thate Vondo Sacred Forest. Here, we experience Tshikhona music – the musicians here are quite superb.
  • Wednesday. We are transported to and then walk through the Thate Forest. We learn about the forest and its significance to The Venda. We will meditate too in the forest. Then we walk on to Tshitangani, the chief here being a co-guardian of Lake Fundudzi with the Chief of Tshiheni. We stay in the most beautiful traditional huts here,with our affable hosts. A village elder tells us stories of Lake Fundudzi that night.
  • Thursday. W With our guides- present as always we explore the Lake environment the next day. Always a privileged adventure. We meditate here and circumstances permitting, swim in the Mutale River at it’s confluence with Lake Fundudzi. We then continue our walk to our next village- Tshiheni. Both these villages have views of the Lake and are closely connected to it as the guardians of the lake.
  • Friday. Our t Our transport fetches us and returns us to Mukambani for our last night in Venda. Mukambani too has excellent musicians and we will experience other forms of Venda music here, including Marombo music- Venda spiritual music. Awesome singing, trance inducing drumming and percussion. Hauntingly evocative. Our night here will be in relative luxury.
  • Saturday. Leave Mukambane Depart for JHB (ORTIA) Airport.


Experience Fee Includes:

  • Accommodation in 5 villages.
  • All meals prepared by Venda people.
  • Water for the duration of the program (river source).


Experience Fee Excludes:

  • Flights.
  • Visas.
  • Travel Insurance.

What to Bring:

  • Sleeping or Yoga Mat.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Snack-packs for daily hikes.


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Documents Required

  • Personal Details – Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Nationality.

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