Selahadin Osman


This has been such an important part of my personal journey and I’ve learned some of the most valuable lessons in my life. An awesome experience which went far beyond exploring in the traditional way.


Jasmien van Hoof


My biggest travel dreams were turned into my reality. We impacted the lives of children in rural areas and explored a beautiful city. I found my home in the warmth of the people which I met through this experience.


Debargah Ganguly


A breathtaking experience which can truly be described as purposeful travel. The dedication to crafting these explorative adventures brings a new dimension to why people should travel more.


Philip Deweyi


My experience was unforgettable and I still reminisce about it to this day. It enabled me to understand leadership and inspired me to embark on a journey of continuous exploration and personal growth.


Snigdha Srivastava


It was organised really well. It wasn’t only dedicated to work and wasn’t only dedicated to fun - it was a perfect mix of both. The global exposure was very important to me and I learned so many things.


Ashish Sharma


My experience was remarkable. Each day offered new activities and unforgettable memories. From stepping into the ocean for the first time to interacting with amazing people. It was an experience of a life time.


Anirudh Rao


I was pushed out of my comfort zone while feeling entirely at home. Travelling with purpose eliminates the monotomy and gives you more reason to do it over again. I was fortunate to have these distinct experiences.


Laura Broeckx


The perfect balance of purpose and fun. We impacted the lives of many school children and participated in adventurous activities like skydiving, kayaking and wildlife safaris. A truly great company.


Shubham Oswal


This trip will always be one of my most cherished. It was a life-changing experience and I can still relate to my learnings. I highly recommend these types of purposeful travel experiences.


Olivier Vandoninck


From learning about business to hiking up mountains and learning about myself. I arrived with a lot of questions about myself and the world and left with an understanding of who I am as a person and where I want to be in the future.


Charlotte Wynants


I feel humble. It was super exciting and really fun - but the truth is that it actually made me feel humble. It left an impression on me and thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I want to take this feeling back home with me.


Avik Sen


It was an experience of a lifetime. I learned that the more engaging you are the more you challenge yourself. It is this challenge that inspires a man to achieve his goals in life. This experience was key to keep me moving forward.


Arpan Kar


It was top class! Go.Explore put in a lot of effort to coordinate all 73 students who had very diverse interests. It was a really difficult challenge but Go.Explore mastered it. It was a really great experience for all of them.


Toon Gielis


It's so diverse and I learned so much about myself in a really short period of time. It helped me think out of the box. I began questioning how the world works, how I live in it and where I stand in life.