What is Go.Explore ?

Go.Explore is a travel-tech company founded in February 2018 by Josh Fillmore. The company is based in Cape Town, South Africa – which is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world as well as the tech hub of the African continent. 

Go.Explore’s vision is to redefine the reasons why and ways in which people travel and ultimately inspire travelers to not just be tourists but to become Explorers.

The company does this by promoting and selling purposeful travel experiences which ensure that travelers learn, grow and develop on their journey around the world. The tech platform provides users, known as Explorers, access and connectivity to like-minded individuals, an abundance of information and a curated list of the most purposeful experiences around the world.


Tourism data shows that a clear trend amongst Millennial and Gen-Z travelers is a shift from leisure to purpose driven travel geared toward personal development. However, these individuals find it extremely difficult to find, book and pay for inspiring, developmental and life-changing travel experiences. In a world in which millions of people are connected via the internet – these individuals are overloaded with people and content and struggle to find, interact and communicate with specific individuals who are like-minded and purpose-driven in order to share valuable information and gain useful advice.

Go.Explore is an inspiring social platform which is rooted in a real business offering. The platform facilitates the promotion, booking and payment of purposeful travel experiences and gives registered Explorers a channel to communicate with like-minded travelers around the world.

Go.Explore is focused on seven core categories of purposeful experiences. In no particular order, these are social development, transformative leadership, natural immersion, entrepreneurial innovation, cultural consciousness, personal wellbeing and the learning of skill sets. Each of these categories are highly expandable. For e.g. transformative leadership contains experiences such as personal leadership, group leadership and spiritual leadership. Natural immersion contains experiences such as natural rehabilitation, eco-workshops and eco-psychology which assists Explorers in reconnecting their human psyche with the environment.

Go.Explore’s social element allows users to register as an Explorer, create a profile, add Fellow Explorers, send messages, make posts, upload reviews and save their memories by uploading photos and videos. Explorers will be allocated a digital passport / travel CV which tracks their expertise and past experiences acquired through Go.Explore. Explorers will also be incentivised to upload content onto the platform and will be able to redeem these incentives on future purchases.


Go.Explore is currently the only aggregated purposeful travel platform in South Africa. They are specifically focused on life-changing travel. The social development and natural immersion experiences ensure that Explorers have an efficient channel to give back and create a positive impact on people and nature’s wellbeing. The transformative leadership, entrepreneurial innovation, cultural consciousness, personal wellbeing and skill set experiences ensure that Explorers can become the best possible versions of themselves by learning valuable lessons while abroad. 

Go.Explore’s social platform is already creating and connecting a community of like-minded travelers. In 3 months since the platforms launch there are Explorers registered in 19 different countries across 6 continents. This proves the ability of Go.Explore to build a truly global brand as well as a thriving community of like-minded individuals.

Joshua Fillmore

Joshua Fillmore

Founder of Go.Explore

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